We have over 50 years experience, working as lead consultants on catering design projects of all sizes and budgets…

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Our portfolio of market sectors is extremely diverse and designs include, with their support areas: 

  • Central Production Unit (CPU) 

  • Central Wash Up

  • Staff Catering

  • Ward Pantries

  • Servery Design

  • Front of House Design

  • Bar Design

  • Retail OutletS

  • Laundry DesigN 

We also incorporate with all associated legislation:

  • Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

  • Temperature Monitoring System (types to suit the project)

  • Ventilated Ceilings & Canopies 

  • Waste Management & RECYCLING Systems 

  • Food safety & hygiene regulations

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Our Design Process

Catering design Stages

As experienced Catering Advisory and Design Consultants, we work closely with our clients at every stage of the process. Our service is completely bespoke and we can tailor each stage to match your requirements, goals and budget.

Detailed guide to our Catering Design Stages:

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Leading catering & foodservice consultants


So that’s us - a uniquely personal, independent consultancy.