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Operational Consultancy

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From the initial briefing we take pride in finding sustainable and economical solutions for our Clients. 

Using our extensive industry knowledge and well-tested methods, we can prepare fully costed option appraisals, undertake market research by online surveys and provide you with robust reports from which informed decisions can be made.

Kitchen & Bar Design

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We advise on initial space requirements to ensure the facility adheres to all pertaining legislation.

Within our design processes we supply information which will be of benefit to the Architect, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor & M&E Consultant.

We provide space allocation drawings with budget costs for all equipment including bespoke fabrication.

Laundry Design

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Whether the facility is within a Hotel, Restaurant, College, Cook-Chill/Freeze Unit or a Listed Building we can ensure that the output will match your operation.

The specified equipment will be cost effective, labour efficient & will meet all necessary legislation.

Waste Management Strategy & Design

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Dependent upon the amount of mixed waste generated by the catering operation a suitable system can be designed to take into consideration, amongst other factors, the site location.