The Carnegie Club Skibo Castle


Modernising and rationalising the kitchen facilities, which dated from the 1900s, meant adhering to the strict Historic Scotland regulations and involved retaining and encasing the tiled walls and floor and other features and finishes. To obtain the correct work flow a light well was filled in to provide a new floor for the central kitchen and existing areas were integrated and enhanced.

The centrepiece is a 3.2 metre long Elro induction range with its separate pressure bratt pan and 2 salamanders and a Wimbock vaulted ceiling which suits the ambience better than a conventional flat ceiling. Additional equipment includes combination ovens with water filters on slide out runners to facilitate servicing and built in refrigerated counters, all supported on plinths. The surrounding stainless steel fabrication from Stellex has a bull nose edge to match the profile of the Elro range. Other areas leading off the main kitchen include goods inwards, vegetable and pastry preparation, dishwashing and glass washing, which requires a reverse osmosis system to deal with the high peat content of the water. A dispense bar and 2 supporting pantries adjacent to the dining rooms provide the still room function and pre ordered packed lunches.

Craig Rowland, Executive Chef, is delighted with transformation and states “The unsung hero is the (ADO-Metal UK) stainless steel floor drains, which make cleaning so much easier…”