John Wheatley College

Glasgow, Uk

Located in a regenerated area on the outskirts of Glasgow the new £14 million Campus needed to provide kitchen, restaurant and bar training facilities for 16 full time students and encompass an energy efficient approach.

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 Each student is equipped with their own workstation incorporating a bench, sink, refrigerator and have access to UV knife sterilisers.

The central cooking plinth comprises Baron four burner gas ranges, griddles, their work benches and the illusion is of a one piece top but in fact every component has been seamlessly joined together and mounted on a plinth.


The ventilated ceiling, incorporating lighting, emergency lighting and extract and replacement air enhances the openness of the area and allows clear sight and communication between the occupants which could otherwise be hampered by an intrusive canopy.

Rise and fall salamanders are supported from the services distribution unit with a Rational combination oven and bake off oven completing the equipment requirements.