Royal Cornwall Hospital

Truro, UK

A central Cook & Freeze operation for 3,000 meals per day with 14 days’ storage capacity for 42,000 meals required meticulous planning, especially since all the fresh ingredients are stored and prepared on site under the strictest hygiene controls. A total of 25 individual areas were designed including hygiene stations, dolly wash and waste bin compound.


National Rehabilitation Hospital

Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

With a planned completion date of 2012 the 235 bed hospital will be a world class rehabilitation facility. Standards for catering have significantly changed and advanced over recent years, including the need to manage water pressures, air changes and waste management. Sterling was engaged to design efficient workflows within the 6 floor levels comprising 9 ward dining rooms and adjacent pantries, a coffee outlet and shop with store, a staff and visitors’ servery, the main kitchen and 23 associated support facilities with a central wash up.

As part of the hospital’s forward thinking policy a Meiko food waste vacuum removal system has been incorporated into the new building which will transfer waste food from the wash ups via a vacuum stream through a pipe network to a remote waste holding tank. This will be emptied by a contractor for use as biofuel or compost after further treatment. The hospital has also invested in a wireless temperature monitoring system which is connected to the temperature sensitive catering storage equipment on all levels and will report and record any adverse change in operation such as a refrigerator door having been left open to a PC or mobile phone, something that is crucial for HACCP management.