Cook-Chill, Cook-Freeze Systems & CPU

K Club Clubhouse exterior.jpg

The K Club

Dublin, Ireland

One million Euros was invested in the catering facilities and the project took about 18 months to complete. There are temperature controlled separate food preparation areas in the basement where the prepared food is sent on trolleys via a food lift to the kitchen upstairs for cooking, portioning, plating and serving.

The Cook-Chill system is utilised for the 500 banqueting covers. Several bars were designed along with an 80 cover oriental kitchen with a water wash canopy to dispel the grease from the wok cooking.

Dishwashing is carried out in the basement with the dirties going down in one lift and cleans coming up in a separate lift. The area is kept safe and dry with the inclusion of a ADO-Metal UK stainless steel floor channel and roll grids which are easily uplifted, rolled and sanitised in a dishwasher.

Due to the high demand for ice throughout the building a dedicated ice room was installed with strict hygiene regulations in place because ice is treated as food.


Royal Cornwall Hospital

Truro, UK

A central Cook & Freeze operation for 3,000 meals per day with 14 days’ storage capacity for 42,000 meals required meticulous planning, especially since all the fresh ingredients are stored and prepared on site under the strictest hygiene controls. A total of 25 individual areas were designed including hygiene stations, dolly wash and waste bin compound.