Leigh Tec Systems Awarded Prestigious BESA Membership

Congratulations to Leigh Tec Systems! 

We have been associated with Leigh Tec Systems for a number of years and the team at Sterling Foodservice Consultancy are pleased to share the recent news, that Leigh Tec Systems have been awarded the prestigious Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) membership. 

Leigh Tec Systems are innovative ventilation specialists, with design, manufacturing and support all under one roof.

Leigh Tec Systems are innovative ventilation specialists, with design, manufacturing and support all under one roof.


The Building Engineering Services Association is the UK's leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors – representing the interests of firms active in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in buildings.


Working with Leigh Tec

At Sterling Foodservice Consultancy,  we have been involved with multiple projects with Leigh Tec and our commercial kitchen designs have benefited from Leigh Tec Ventilated Ceilings. 

A Leigh Tec Ventilated Ceiling is supplied with removable washable filters, all lighting including the 500 Lux required over work surfaces, pre-insulated, gives increased extraction coverage so improving working conditions plus there is no unsightly discolouration of the ceilings.

Highlighted projects from Leigh Tec Systems & Sterling Foodservice Consultancy...


Lucknam Park Hotel - The Brasserie

The original Hotel is an 18th Century Palladian Mansion and the decision was made to build an adjoining sumptuous Spa which required the provision of fine yet informal cuisine with a relaxed feeling dining area.

Our aim was to provide an open plan kitchen, which diners and Spa users could view, and the noisy, dirty operations such as dishwashing, food preparation and waste management were within the kitchen area but out of view behind walls. To this end we also incorporated the latest cooking equipment technology to reduce noise emission and cooking odours.

There was only one solution in providing the uninterrupted view of the chefs at work and creating the illusion of space and that was by specifying a Leigh Tec Ventilated Ceiling.

The Clink 07.jpg

The Clink HMP Styal, Wilmslow

This is a Charity who assist inmates to train for a catering profession and so they build a commercial kitchen whereby the inmates receive training up to NVQ level. The restaurant is visited by the public where the waitresses are also inmates and will exchange roles with those in the kitchen so that all are comfortable with social skills.

We were approached by the CEO of the Clink Charity to undertake this project within a disused chapel outside the prison grounds so you can imagine the height of the roof which certainly made us consider the working logistics of the kitchen especially the provision of staff toilets, changing facilities, office space and classroom.

As the servery was designed as open plan so that the diners and kitchen staff could relate to each other a Leigh Tec Ventilated Ceiling was the ideal solution and due to this a floor above was created which solved the issue regarding staff facilities.


Aquinas College, Stockport

This is a new build Roman Catholic 6th Form College and our brief was to design the catering facilities for the “soon to be adults” and so we included a Deli Bar, Coffee Lounge on the second floor for them and an open plan kitchen. Tray Return Trollies in the dining room would have spoilt the overall effect so a Tray Return Carousel was installed which did not interrupt the clear view throughout the dining room.

As the room was light, airy and open plan a canopy would have destroyed the open view of the kitchen from the servery and so the pupils could enjoy the process of watching their meal being cooked.

A Leigh Tec Ventilated Ceiling was the ideal solution and created a spacious working environment for the staff plus engaging the pupils.

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