Services - Detailed Design Stage

The Detailed Design Stage is an in-depth progression from the Scheme Design  and involves preparing all the documentation needed for the project’s contractors and undertaking the tendering process to appoint those contractors.

Sterling’s attention to detail as Catering Design Consultants has often been commented on. We are proud that it doesn’t go unnoticed because we believe that paying attention to detail at this Stage is one of the keys to a successfully completed project.

In terms of the project documentation needed by all disciplines, this includes:

  • AutoCAD generated general arrangement drawings
  • AutoCAD generated and colour coded services termination drawings
  • AutoCAD generated manufacturers’ fabrication drawings
  • All catering equipment and bespoke fabrication specifications
  • Builders’ work and finishes specifications

Once all this documentation is in place, contract documentation can be drawn up and the project and its component parts can go out to tender. We can manage this process from start to finish, from offering the invitation to tender to analysing and evaluating the bids and making recommendations.

Once the Detailed Design Stage has been completed, the Construction Phase can begin.

To discuss how our Foodservice Design Consultancy can assist you, please get in touch.