Sterling Contributions to Charities

We are proud to to support the following charities.


Is a registered Charity founded in 2002 by Andrea Maddox, awarded an MBE in 2011 for her work, with the aim to recruit and train volunteer mentors from the community to befriend and support young people who maybe facing difficulties; family breakdown, relationships, parent in prison, illness, low self esteem, self harming, bullying to name a few.  The aim is to create a more positive attitude towards themselves and to learning, it is completely confidential and the welfare of these young people is their only concern.

Andrew and Elaine have been mentors for several years, with Elaine becoming a Trustee, and building a relationship with the schoolchildren was very rewarding.

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The first Clink Restaurant was opened in 2009 at HMP High Down and the concept devised by Chef Alberto Crisci MBE, director of operations and founder.  The Clink Charity’s aim is to help offenders break the cycle of crime by empowering them with self-belief, work place skills and qualifications gained from working in a similar environment, in close proximity to the prison, to that of a 4-5 star hotel or commercial restaurant.  Upon release The Clink Charity helps graduates find employment within the hospitality industry and mentors them weekly for 6-12 months to help them re-integrate back into society and not reoffend.

Currently there are Clink Restaurants at HMP High Down, HMP Cardiff, HMP Brixton and HMP Styal (designed by Sterling), the first female prison to participate, with more being considered.

Read about the project in full here.

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